Older Boy Program



This program is designed for Scouts who are 14 years old or in their fourth year of camp. Two camp staff members coordinate activities for the older Scouts at Camps Gamble and Famous Eagle. Several programs have a cost for participation; the $5 fee for shotgun shooting and water tubing is collected at camp. To assist older Scouts in planning their week, a sign-up form is included in the summercamp packet. A Scout should complete the form and mail it directly to S bar F Scout Ranch by June 1, 2012. Scouts might not get to participate in every activity due to several factors: number of requests for a specific activity, size limits of certain programs for safety, or the amount of program materials.


Typical Events Available to Older Boys at Summer Camp


Kayak Polo

Shotgun Shooting

Mountain Biking

Ultimate Frisbee

Evening Shooting

Extra Huck’s Cove

Hamburger Barbeque

Climbing Merit Badge

Horseback Riding

Water Tubing


Open slots are available on a first-come, first-served basis once the schedule has been posted in the program hall. Horseback riding and shotgun shooting take place at the camporee field. The Climbing merit badge takes place at the cliffs. Participants must provide their own transportation.

Note: Scouts interested in Horsemanship and Climbing merit badges must submit the Older Scout Program Registration Form. Submitting a form does not guarantee a spot for the merit badges, but it does help in determining which individuals will be able to participate in the merit badge sessions.

Some Scouts and leaders may be concerned that Scouts in the older Scout program will miss merit badge instruction. Many merit badges have requirements or prerequisites that can be done before camp, which allows more time for high-adventure fun. But remember… summer camp is more than merit badges. 

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