Firem'n Chit

Firem'n Chit
T215 - Firem'n Chit Online Certification 

The Firem'n Chit card is used in the same manner. However, the topic covered is fire safety, fire building, and safe cooking skills. Many of these rules and tips are covered under chapter 10 of the new handbook, however many others are scattered through the book.   

T215 - Example of a BSA Firem'n Chit Card

BSA Requirements for the Card:

The requirements in Boy Scout Requirements read as follows:


This certification grants a Scout the right to carry matches and build campfires. The Scout must show his Scout leader, or someone designated by his leader, that he understands his responsibility to do the following:

  1. Read and understand fire use and safety rules from the Boy Scout Handbook.

  2. Secure necessary permits (regulations vary by locality).

  3. Clear all flammable vegetation at least 5 feet in all directions from fire (total 10 feet).

  4. Attend to fire at all times.

  5. Keep fire-fighting tools (water and/or shovel) readily available.

  6. Leave fire when it is cold out.

  7. Subscribe to the Outdoor Code and Leave-No-Trace.

The Scout's "Firem'n Rights" can be taken from him if he fails in his responsibility.


Many Scouts earn this card during demonstrations at summer camp or camporees. The staff signs cards for each Scout who was present for the demonstration. Scouts receive the card with the understanding that they may lose in if they violate safety rules. In Troop 740, Scouts are not allowed to to build fires, cook or work with fires until they earn the card. Troop 740 allows up to four violations before taking the card away from the Scout.  Violations are recorded by tearing off a corner of the card. Extreme violations may result in multiple corners or immediate suspension of Firem'n Chit Rights.  Once a card looses all four corners the Scout must earn it once again.   

NOTE: Scouts who have earned this card - Regardless of Age or Rank MUST have this card with them at all times at any Scouting Outdoor activity.  Any Scout can be asked to produce this card by any leader from any Troop at any time.  If a scout does not have this card on them, they will NOT be allowed to handle any wood tools during that event.

If you are ready to take the written certification for Firem'n Chit - click here!


Totin' Chip Test  & Firem'n Chit Test Test answers may be found by clicking on the links at the bottom of the test pages.  Each Test allows for the Scout to enter their name, take the test and automatically scored.  Once this is done, the Scout can print out this page and bring it to a Scout Leader who will help them complete the requirements for these cards.


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