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 See what S-F will have new this year for 2012!! Watch the video to find out!!!

See What's New at the Summer Camp Hucks Cove!!!! COOL

 Ranger program info

What's SUP at camp this summer?


 SUP stands for stand-up paddle board. They're approximately 11 feet long and similar to a surf board.

 You can start out by paddling with your hands while laying on your stomach. Then, you can progress to kneeling and standing as you paddle. They're popular on both coasts, especially for shallow-water navigation and viewing fish and other aquatic life.

 On Friday, the council's Executive Board approved a small fleet of SUPs for Camp Lewallen and the S bar F Scout Ranch. Late last week, we mailed a postcard to each registered Boy Scout in the council with photos of the SUPs, the floating iceberg and other activities we're planning for this summer at camp.

 So, let's get ready for summer camp! 

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