Trail To First Class

Troop 740 - Hazelwood, Missouri 
The Trail to First Class

First Year Scouts Should all be Activity Working Towards the 1st Class Rank and achieve this Rank by their 1st Anniversary with the Troop or sometime quickly thereafter.  Below you will find video training for each of the requirements for the ranks of Tenderfoot, Second Class, and First Class.  These videos are part of the National BSA website training.

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BSA Rank Training Videos 
Click on the link above to view the BSA website or click on each link below to see individual videos.

 Boys Scouts of America - Tenderfoot Rank Patch Boy Scouts of America - Second Class Rank Patch Boy Scouts of America - First Class Rank Patch
Tenderfoot Rank
Second Class Rank RequirementsFirst Class Rank
  1.  Overnight camping gear

  2.  Help pitch a tent

  3.  Help cook a meal

  4. a. Whip and Fuse a rope 
    b. Knots

  5.  Safe hiking

  6.  American flag

  7. Scout Oath, Law, motto, and slogan

  8.  Patrol name, flag, and yell

  9.  Buddy system

  10. a. Fitness 
    b. Fitness improvements

  11.  Poisonous plants

  12. a. Heimlich maneuver 
    b. First aid

  13.  Scout spirit

  14.  Scoutmaster conference

  15.  Board of review

  1. a. Compass 
    b. Five-mile hike

  2. a. Five activities 
    b. Pitch a tent 
    c. Knife, saw, and ax 
    d. Prepare a fire 
    e. Fires and stoves 
    f. Light a fire and stove 
    g. Cook a meal

  3.  Flag ceremony

  4.  Service project

  5.  Ten animals

  6. a. "Hurry" cases 
    b. First-aid kit 
    c. First-aid techniques

  7. a. Safe swim 
    b. Swim test 
    c. Water rescue methods

  8.  Drug abuse program

  9.  Scout spirit

  10.  Scoutmaster conference

  11.  Board of review

  1. Find directions

  2. Orienteering course

  3.  Troop/Patrol activities

  4. a. Patrol menu planning 
    b. Obtaining ingredients 
    c. Cooking gear 
    d. Safe handling and disposal 
    e. Patrol cooking

  5.  Constitutional rights

  6.  Native plants

  7. a. Use of lashings 
    b. Timber hitch and clove hitch 
    c. Camp gadget

  8. a. Bowline knot 
    b. Bandages 
    c. Transporting the injured 
    d. Cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR)

  9. a. Safety afloat 
    b. BSA swimmer test 
    c. Line rescue

  10.  Scout spirit

  11.  Invite a friend

  12.  Scoutmaster conference

  13.  Board of review

Other Helpful Tenderfoot ItemsOther Helpful Second Class ItemsOther Helpful First Class Items

First Aid
How to tie a square knot (or reef knot)
Scout Oath (Promise)
Scout Law
Scout Motto
Scout Slogan
Outdoor Code

First Aid
Earn your Firem'n Chit Card
Earn you Totin' Chip Card
Leave No Trace

First Aid

How to tie a clove Hitch


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